Mountain Coasters Surge in Popularity With Ski Resorts!

David Keim, ADG's Business Development Manager, was recently featured in an insightful SAM Magazine article, 'Coasting Along', to discuss the demand for mountain coasters post-pandemic. The mountain coaster market has seen evolving trends and a surge in demand, particularly at ski resorts. Although the installation rate of mountain coasters at ski resorts has been steady at 12-14% growth over the last five seasons, new developments suggest a boost in interest. Major manufacturers like ADG Mountainsides have introduced advanced versions of their coasters, incorporating features such as anti-collision technology, single-rail designs, and on-board audio.


ADG Mountain Coaster


David Keim notes that demand is “trending higher” than pre-pandemic levels, with ski resorts driving 75 percent of the market. “As costs stabilize and awareness grows, we anticipate continued growth in the summer operations business” says Keim. Ski resorts continue to lead this trend, but interest from non-ski-related businesses is also increasing. Technological advancements and cost stabilization are driving this growth.

New installations and enhancements reflect the market's energy. For example, ADG Mountainsides’ Position Monitoring System features a secondary braking system to keep carts a safe distance apart, with automatic Eddy Current speed restrictors, brake lights, and alarms for enhanced safety and a fun ride. ADG’s Trademark Comfortseat design carts fit two adults comfortably and ensure riders stay securely seated, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages. ADG’s SmartCart Technology includes on-board audio, allowing custom soundtracks triggered by the track to match the guest's experience, create excitement, give instructions, highlight features, and promote events and offers.


ADG Mountain Coaster at Copper Mountain


Mountain coasters are financially attractive in that resorts can generate significant revenue, with coasters often yielding returns within two to three years despite increased installation costs due to supply chain issues and inflation. For instance, Jiminy Peak's coaster averages substantial ride numbers with minimal staffing, and Berkshire East has seen consistent ridership since its installation. Maintenance and upgrades are manageable expenses, with coasters requiring annual inspections and occasional part replacements, but the overall return on investment remains attractive.

The mountain coaster market is experiencing a boom, driven by technological advancements, stabilized costs, and increasing demand from diverse sectors. Resorts are leveraging these attractions to boost year-round operations, generate revenue, and provide engaging activities for visitors, ensuring the continued popularity and profitability of mountain coasters.

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