Making your vision a reality and getting it right from the start, from conceptual renderings and planning to innovative product design and construction services, inspires the dedicated team at ADG. We are committed to delivering smart, bottom-line strengthening products and solutions.

With our respected corporate foundation forged in product design and manufacturing more than 50 years ago, ADG expanded its line of mountainside products in 2012 with innovations in passenger safety and ride technology that have quickly made their mark on mountains across North America.


Our unique project approach to delivering Mountain Coasters & Slides enables us to provide our clients with the best expert advice on your project development to ensure the most successful return on your investment. No other company in the industry has the experience or ability to offer this added support and follow-through, from concept to completion, like ADG.

Only ADG Mountainsides provides a complete package for your total project needs. All of our coaster & slide packages come with additional engineering documents for the buildings, decking, and foundations you need for a compete ride build-out. No hidden costs. No surprises down the line.


We take our 50+ years of project design, planning, and construction experience and put it to work for your mountain. Our expert trainers have developed a process that outlines every step necessary for you to create an effective coaster or slide installation program that will have your ride completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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